What is Kommsuite

Kommsuite.dk is an online application that manage your company’s communication on all of your social media platforms, your external blogs and the news feeds on your own website. Additionally the App includes an API, which allows you to publish your posts as newsletters in your news system such as Mailchimp.

If time equals money for your business – your ROI will quickly break even. Kommsuite is not only timesaving – it adds value on several levels:

  • Big perspective and structure - You can adjust your post to fit the specific media and choose graphics individually.

  • Flexibility - Post when you are on the move, at conferences or hotel rooms. By your mobile devices, you can easily create posts and newsletters or update the news section on your website.

  • Communication – in Kommsuite you can manage and reply to messengers and comments on your social media accounts.

  • Schedule posts – You can schedule each post to a specific time and date. Facebook is ideal in the evening and newsletters or LinkedIn are most effective in the morning. Kommsuite allows you to control and schedule your activities hours, days or even months ahead. A convenient feature if you are on vacation.

Kommsuite will continuously expand with API’s to cover almost every social media. Our programmers can customize Kommsuite to your company’s individual needs by developing specific integrations to other media or platforms of your choice.

"Kommsuite sparer tid og gør os meget mere effektive!"

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"Kommsuite formidler og sikrer vores tilstedeværelse på alle for os relevante digitale platforme, på en nem og enkel måde!"


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Kommsuite will continuously expand with API’s to cover almost every social media.

Kommsuite offers support for all these awesome social media platforms!


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